Upwork is a freelancing company that connects businesses with independent professionals and agencies around the globe. 
I've assisted the in-house design team in aligning existing and conceptual assets with our updated brand guidelines. 
Below are some examples of my contributions over the past two years. 

2024 Kickoff Backgrounds 

Every new year we have an all hands Kickoff meeting to start off the year. We contracted an Agency to help
with the branding of Kickoff 2024 and I helped create three backgrounds for speakers to use as zoom backgrounds. 

I was challenged to develop three distinct illustrations featuring snacks from three different countries.  

Traditional Turkish bread, mango Juice box 
from India, and chicharron chips from the Philippines.  

Work Without Limits 2023 Conference  

Upwork has a conference every year called Work Without Limits for C-Suite Clients.
In 2023 our team decided to bring the design and conception of this event in-house.

The concept I created utilized the W in different typefaces to create these abstract shapes
that were used throughout the graphics backgrounds. This was achieved by upscaling the
letter and framing the corners and curves of the typeface. The colors were taken from
Upworks color palette in 2023 before the newly updated guidelines came into effect in 2024.     

Email | Social Post | Table Tent

In-Demand Talent Skills List 2024 

I was tasked to create an infographic and social assets for the yearly
In-demand skills list 
with our new brand guidelines.